The Sahara and Us Morocco 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011


A Ronda panorama
The Ronda bridge between old and new, click on the picture to enlarge it and you will see the climbers on the waterfall.

Old town and countryside
Ronda was another possible stop, but since we decided we weren’t going to go to the Alhambra in Granada, 360 kms after just seeing the Alcazar in Seville, it became a definite on our way to Marbella. Eventually this will lead us to Gibraltor in the next few days before crossing to Morocco. And we will see many Alhambra’s in Morocco.

Ronda was nothing short of picture post card perfect with scenic views, panoramas,  ruins etc. We stayed at Hotel Ronda in the old part of the city, and it was an exquisite boutique hotel. The rooms, sheets, bed coverings, location etc. etc. were fantastic and each time we came out of the hotel someone was taking a photo of it.

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Marc-Antoine said...

Hello !

How did you like the road to go there ? To me, It was fantastic ! From Marabella or Tarifa, they were my favorite in all my journey in Spain. I would like to send you some address in Morocco if you want to stay safe. Sorry for being late by sending this. I just found your card by doing some papers clean up before crossing the border to France. You can send me a mail at and then I will be able to send you those address.

Marc-Antoine from Quebec