The Sahara and Us Morocco 2011

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Hope it doesn't fall on us!

Wanting a day outing that would keep us from the sun, we had been toasting a bit too much on the beach, we decided after breakfast t head for a day trip to Pisa.
All the Old town buildings
Down the coast on SS1 after La Spezia to Pisa it took us over 2 hrs to cover 100 kms. And on arriving in Pisa we realized how small it was compared to it’s reputation for the Leaning tower.

Making sure it's Steady
Inside a walled city component we had parked the bike and walked in. Along side the area were small shops set up like Morocco with tons of trinkets for sale. We walked around, took our pictures then bought some Panini’s ( salami) for lunch and then got post cards and gelatto and wrote post cards home in the 35C heat. Whew it was hot. After filling with gas we decided it was worth it to head back on the autostrada , It was just after 3:17pm. At 4:00pm we heard the bells of the church in Montale ring as we passed by off the autostrada. 105 kms in 45 mins. Not bad. The way down and back was interesting since we could see where they mined marble and granite from the mountains, then cut it up and slabbed it. Maybe ours came from here? Then we went out again for mussels and Pizza. Way too good to be true! 
Great Parking right out front

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