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Friday, November 27, 2015

The 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show

Newest BUGATTI - The Epitome of what these car shows are about

US at the Frankfurt Auto Show 2015
The Frankfurt Auto Show is something we missed from our 2011 5 month trip because Air Canada was going on strike and couldn’t guarantee our flight home 6 days later. This time we planned the trip to end with our visit.

One thing is we only had 1 day to attend. This show is monstrous in size and could take you 4 days to do it justice. There were outdoor tracks used to test 4WD vehicles and scooters. I test drove a small 50cc equivalent electric scooter and really enjoyed it. 

As with most things the moment you get home you are onto new things, and this was the case here in the preparation of the blog post. Now with a few moments to spare it’s time to catch up on what we saw.

Rather than our usual style of narrative and some photos this is all about the cars, so I’ll let them do the talking and just identify them if they are new.

The 919 Hybrid that won 2015 24 Hrs at Lemans unseating the other VW group brand AUDI from the title

Panamera Replacement - I can see the line-up for this one!
Incredible Interior

Typical 911 front end with LED lights
918 Spyder
Audi has teamed up with GOOGLE on this Moon mission.

Mission to Moon Quattro Vehicle

AUDI built it's own Pavilion for the show

The new E-Tron Quattro Concept SUV

The new E-Tron Quattro Concept SUV new front styling
Lamborghini Hurrican - shares DNA with new R8
Concept Golf or Sirocco


Badged as a Honda in Europe as there is no Acura brand there. the new NSX - car is stunning

CIVIC Hatchback Wagon Concept
The Uni-Cub - Anyone from a motorcycle background will appreciate the name.

Mazda's a smaller company and was in a smaller hall. What they did was have every one of their cars in this red.

New CX-3 Just voted 2016 Best new CUV under $35000.00 in Canada
MAZDA KOERU - New Concept - Build it and they will come


The BMW pavilion has an indoor track. More a gimmick than functional it did have them parade every model edition of their 3 series which of course has been their bread and butter.
Introducing the new Seven Series BMW
The new 2016 X1

The new 2016 X1


Vision Hyundai - An incredibly beautiful 2 dr. coupe

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