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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Wannsee and the Berlin Wall Part 1

4 Amigos At Wannsee
Late Saturday we are chased down by our friends Ingo and Patricia (whom we met in Sicily in 2014) to confirm our plans for Sunday. They've driven 6 hrs from Darmstadt to see us! 

Scenery is Great!
At their suggestion we then head out to Wannsee to catch the Heritage boat tour near Potsdam.  The Sunday we were there was beautiful sailing weather with lots of boats out.

In this Laser one design series race the lead boat is
helmed by a lady. Could be our daughter!
Wannsee played a significant role in the 3rd Reich planning sessions as it was just outside Berlin, and later, it was part of the Berlin Wall barrier. Sansoucci palace is located here, the home of Fredrick the Great, the last of Germany's kings. It's rumored Brad Pitt own a home on the waterfront.This boat tour is exceptional value and lots of easy going fun, and a lot easier on the feet than the day before. 

Bridge of Spies
From the water
One of the main attractions is the Glienicke bridge, or commonly known as “The Bridge of Spies”. A place where East and West exchanged spies during the Cold war. We’d highly recommend this sight and bring lots of sunscreen!
Ingo and Patricia with
Breshnev and Communist puppet leader
After a nice lunch in the Tiergarten in Berlin with Ingo and Patricia we all head to the Berlin Wall’s east side gallery with its many graffiti painted sections of the Wall.

Us with them, we don't them at all!

Plaques to those who died trying to escape

Lastly we head to the Treptower Park that hosts a Memorial for the Soviet Solders who were part of the Allied Invasion. It was a very large monument supplied by the Soviets of course as propaganda.
Soviet Memorial at Treptower Park

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