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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov by Night

Cesky Krumlov is located in the lower mountain area of SW Czech Republic and the Vltava River, the same river that runs through Prague begins in this area. The region to the SW against the German and Austrian borders was infamous for Czech citizens trying to escape to the west and being killed by their oppressors during communism. 

Pension Anna is Pink
It’s ironic because now people from all over flock here for its tranquil beauty. Described as CZ’s answer to Rothenburg de Tauber in Germany we got here around 1:00 pm in the afternoon. There were a lot of walking tourists on the streets at that time and “Pension Alley” spread to the left and right of us as we entered the Old town. That pesky Walking Zone sign that we had been scolded about in Olomouc poked it’s head up in the direction we were supposed to go for 1 B&B and I looked left and there was our 2nd choice Pension Anna. We checked there and they had a room, nice, super clean and big; comparable to the Schneiderterm in Sighisoara and very reasonably priced.

After checking in and changing we headed out to see the sights as well as catch lunch.
Bohemian Feast
We walked down to the main bridge and saw 2 restaurants that had a lot of people at them. After checking one we went to the Krcma U Dwau Maryi  which serves among other things  “A Bohemian Feast”, consisting of chicken or Rabbit or Pheasant and smoked ham, red cabbage and vegetables, a potato dumpling, a bread dumpling and some other stuff. It was fabulous and an excellent way to try all of CZ’s special dishes. It is located on the water just before the main walking bridge in Old Towne.The town is definitely like Rothenburg as in lots of eye candy. But here the focus is on the river and the castle.  And we really enjoyed watching the rafts in the afternoon as they came down a river channel and shot some small rapids. A few overturned but most were fine.

Pretty Serious Looks Here Girls



Later in the evening we’d return to the same streets to see the sunset and take some early evening photos. This is such a picturesque place. We’d recommend Cesky Krumlov to anyone looking for a quaint town experience.

Our favorite picture is that of the Girls. 
The Girls

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