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Monday, August 8, 2011

LVIV Ukraine

Lviv Opera House

Our arrival into Lviv was late based solely on knowing a hotel we wanted to stay at and the punishing condition of the roads. The Eney, an upmarket hotel near the Medical university was welcoming and we sat back on their patio overlooking their pool and had a very late supper of our favorite Polish/Ukrainian foods and for me washed down by Lviv 1715 draft beer. A big one for sure. I earned it. And it was sooooo good.

City Hall
After a great night’s sleep we decide to stay and see Lviv in part because a friend of ours Julian was born there before he went off to war as an underage kid to fight  Mussolini - Nazi’s in WWII. He now lives in BC as well and we met him and his dear late wife Connie in Palm Springs several years ago courtesy of Dave and Cheryl.

Park on Svobody Plaza
LVIV is considered the centre of Ukrainian art and culture and is a very nice architectural example of old world European charm. Saved from WWII due to the Stalin-Hitler pact of 1939 it became a Ukrainian (aka Soviet) holding instead of Polish in the 2nd world war. Mind you that was the only favour done this city as it has suffered a lot of infrastructure decay since that time. But again, like the church in Janov, it is now renovating to get back on its feet. Sandra says the women here are very stylish and from some of the clothes and foot wear they sport, they are.
Beware of Manhole Hazards

Old City Wall

Road under construction

Filled with old squares, lots of Orthodox and Catholic churches and tons of uniformed soldiers with their soviet era hats we spent a day wandering the old town of Lviv and getting a flavour of this country. This type of travel is incredible. 

We have enjoyed the old trucks and relics that still ply the streets today. This is a virtual time machine that we ride through everyday.
An original Street car

Soviet Era Bus Stop

Beware of Potholes this LADA 128 fell in

Beast of Burden from early 50's

Typical Soviet Era Truck (seen 1st in Bulgaria)
Massive Hats

stylish Footwear on Cobblestone streets

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