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Monday, June 4, 2012

Les Andelys, Rouen, and Honfleur

Les Andelys Overview from Richard the Lionheart's Castle

Richards Castle remparts
Our hotel in Paris was 50 metres from the highway that leads you out of the city west toward Rouen and the Normandie coast. Heiko had not been to the D Day beaches so we headed out that way with intermediate stops in Les Andelys to see Richard the Lionheart's Crusader castle, and Rouen to see St Joan of Arc’s memorial and where she was burned at the stake at age 19 by the British. St Joan of Arc is the patron saint of France.

Clock Tower Rouen

The cathedral there is immense, stark and holds the relic remains of King Richard the Lionheart’s, actual heart. Very close by is the Plague cemetery Sandra wanted to see as well. This was done under a cloudy humid Normandie sky, typical of weather in this part of France and perfect for setting the tome of this part of our trip. Rouen has as well a famous astronomical clock which is close to the town square.



Beautiful stairs

Plaque Cemetery Markings

Site of Plague Cemetery

Town Square

St Joan of Arc Stake

Champlain Recognition
Later in the day we made our way to Honfleur,  where Samuel De Champlain set sail 4 times to Canada on expeditions and to populate New France. 
Honfleur Harbor

Oldest Wooden 

Honfleur Streets
Our final hotel destination was Hotel La Romantica, just outside Honfleur with a view of the Sea. It was fine as accommodation but did not live up to the hype that Trip Advisor had reaped on it. Later in the evening we returned to Honfleur for Mussels, Sandra having her's in a cream sauce which was excellent.

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