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Monday, June 4, 2012

Mont St Michel

Mont St Michel
Lower Drawbridge with the last of the tourists

Our next stop is Mont St Michel, an Abbey built out on the water on a rock outcropping(very small island). It was in remembrance of St Michael the Archangel who fought the dragons of the devil in a pitched battle. The original monastery was constructed in the 10th century and very modest in nature, with iterations in the 14th and 18th centuries.The location, once completely surrounded by water, was to symbolize purity of purpose and prayer. As we drove from Normandie we crested a hill some 25 kms away to see a village spire close by and then off in the distance (25 kms) Mont St Michel sitting alone out in the water. It is a very eerie feeling and a shiver ran down my spine. knowing about such a place now can create that feeling. Imagine the awe that would have been felt back 2-300 years ago. The causeway is a new addition for tourism access.

We checked into our B&B Les Vieilles Diegues. Wow what a great place, beautiful room, within walking distance of the Rock, and a super friendly host, immediately kidding us and Heiko about travelling together. Once settled in we headed out for the Rock.
As Rick Steve’s video had warned, the lower part is now very commercialized, as well as the immediate countryside, but the Abbey itself is still as it was when it was a functioning Abbey/monastery, which it isn’t now. This was a disappointment because we had so much enjoyed the Greek monasteries that were still so, after the tours went home.
In any event the place is very impressive and we definitely understand why it is the 2nd most visited tourist site in France after the Louvre.

Stairs Up
Garden was a vegetable garden

Stained Glass
Huge Abbey

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