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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Esztergom Hingary Basilica From Slovakia
Difficult to gauge magnitude until you realize how big the Cruise ship is
 Esztergom you say? Never heard of it. Well I hadn’t either until I had started watching the CBC TV series “X Company”. I learned from the background to the show that Esztergom was substituted for Paris in the WWII series drama. 
When I searched it out online I found out that Esztergom has the 3rd largest church in Europe, sits on the Danube, was the original capital of Hungary and where King Stephens,
Crowning of King Stephen 1000 AD
later St Stephens was crowned Hungary’s first king on
Christmas day 1000 AD. If driving up to Spis HRad was awe inspiring so was approaching this mammoth cathedral on a promontory bend on the Danube River.

We enjoyed the hike up to the church and took the additional hike up nearly 400 steps to the Dumo 

where you get an amazing view of the Danube some 800 feet up and look back over some of Slovakia. 

Old Soviet Erector Set apartments falling into decay
View down from Dumo, those people look likes Ants!
Sandra making Sandwiches at Lunch

Us 800 ft in the Air on the Dumo
After our touring around the town we head out for Budapest and run across a large Suzuki vehicle manufacturing facility just on the outskirts of Esztergom. For more information on what they make there here is a link to the site information. 

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