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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Malbork Castle and Torun

Malbork Castle
Grand Masters
 Malbork castle was the HQ for the Teutonic Knights, a semi religious group of knights that were to repel Moor invasions into central Europe. They were originally Catholic in nature, but the Grand Master at one point converted to Protestant, banished the Jesuits who lived there as well and later even became somewhat mercenary in nature. It is reported to be the largest brick castle in the world and saw nearly 50% of its fortifications being destroyed during WWII by the Russians fighting the Nazis.
Cross in Chapel

Secret Passageway

During the early days of the Nazi invasion of Poland, Hitler visited the castle to determine its usefulness to the cause. However since it’s restoration and rebuilding; stars such as Sophia Loren have spent time here as well. It is a very large and impressive castle located some 50 kms SE of Gdansk.  Make sure you leave enough time to see it. Expect at least 4 hrs. to take the excellent audio tour.


Torun Town Square at Night
Later that same day we moved on to Torun, and WHS located about 150 kms south of Malbork castle. It is the home to Copernicus the astronomer. 
Torun has a very nice old town, and we had a great meal at the Metropolis restaurant. Our late evening wandering took us past the Old town prison still in operation.

Torun Town Prison still in Sue and limit up in Old Town

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