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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Warsaw Uprising Museum

The next day we moved on to Warsaw specifically to see the Warsaw uprising museum. Our hotel the Villa Amfora was perfectly situated to allow us off the Autobahn and into town in no time flat, plus a 1 ½ block walk to the Warsaw train. Two stops later and you are at the Museum for the Warsaw uprising !

WWII Supply Plane Dropped canisters
Parachute Drop Zones
This museum highlights the uprising of the Polish people during WWII, the betrayals from the Allies and the Russians, the Occupation by the Russians until 1989 and now how Poland has developed a military capable of defending itself.
Canister Contents
I was unaware that the French foreign minister at the outset of WWII talked the Allies out of taking any action against Germany when they invaded Poland on Sept. 1, 1939. He was later proven to be a Nazi sympathizer.

Strange Bedfellows who betrayed the Poles
I was aware that Stalin and Hitler negotiated a deal in August 1939 that had a hidden clause which partitioned Poland off to both the Germans and Russians. 15 days after Hitler invaded Poland from the west, Stalin invaded Poland from the east forcing them to surrender without the Allies intervening.

The Tehran Agreement 1943
When the Warsaw uprising took place none of the Allies came to the aid of Poland, and Churchill betrayed Poland by not supporting the uprising, and was a party to the Tehran Pact that in 1943 permitted Poland to be partitioned off to the Soviets as their reward for switching sides and fighting with the Allies. Something else that rings true today as well. The Soviets refused to allow the allies to use their airbases during the war, and, they did do supply drops, but without parachutes so the Poles would get damaged guns etc that they couldn't use against the Russians later.

Example of Bunker Life

A Deadly self planting Mine Robot called 'Goliath'

George Orwell was a reporter during WWII and
 did not agree with the politics of the day.

Warsaw today, the Samsung Tower

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