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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bodrum and Chores

Bombs away in Bodrum

We had heard a lot about Bodrum and what a beautiful spot it was to see and in looking up the site found the Castle of St Peter there. That is a crusader castle from the era of the Knights Templar in Tomar which has been converted in use now as the underwater nautical archaeological museum, and reported the worlds largest.
About Anchors
Lead anchor circa 1st century AD

Drawing of 1st anchors and a stone anchor

Wooden Anchor

Capturing the works of nautical archaeology pioneer Dr. George Bass from the USA, this site was very good with the remains of a 12 century wreck in a special housed chamber, and many artefacts that have been recovered from dive sites. This is definitely a site worth visiting. It illustrates things like how boats went from an ancient way of construction to more modern era construction techniques, and the same for anchor construction, dating from a large stone that would have a hole in it to a stone with 2 additional holes that sharpened pegs were pounded into to grab better, to a wooden anchor with lead poured into it, to the eventual lead anchor.
Coins explanation

Coins found at Sea

The museum has so many finds that would never be found at regular sites, like glass works, wooden writing instruments that would have deteriorated on land. If it landed into the sand it was likely saved. 
Greek Pottery Found

The Salary and Inflationary Scale

Fixing the prices for items in ancient times by decree.
Many sites have been discovered by the famed sponge divers who are after natural sponges which still fetch a good price. They notify the institute out of Texas and the site is then later investigated for its remains. Similar to Jacque Cousteau but with pure archaeological mission, not financial.
Besides that Bodrum is the Banff of the Turkish Aegean sea. The number of package tourists that come here is unbearable and it has gift and gimmick shops like you wouldn’t believe. We decided this isn’t the place to find a spot on the beach, there are none left. It’s a shame we have to do two months during peak tourist season.
Ancient Amphoras used to ship fluids like wine and olive oil
Burial boxes for Ashes

Well we’re at the half way point on the trip, and with that another set of chores have crept up so we attended to them. Every piece of clothing we own had to be washed, due mainly to the amount of sweat we are generating and all the ruins sites we tramp through, so we dropped off 1 load last evening and picked them up at 10:00 pm, then the 2nd load, so we didn’t walk around naked, we dropped off today and just picked back up. There is a laundry service across the street and 10 meters down that will wash and dry and fold your clothes for 10 Tl a load, that’s $6.00 Canadian. And it let us both go off and get haircuts. Sandra’s was getting pretty long, not cut since late April, and mine not since Tony the barber of Seville. And with heat near 45C again today it was great to lose the extra hair. We also needed to shop for a couple of things that have worn out like shaving razors and underwear. We’re now ready for the second half.

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