The Sahara and Us Morocco 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

Travellers Cave Hotel

Travellers Cave Hotel At Night

Watching Balloons from the Balcony

Zoom in to find Sandra

Our Room on the Left

Sandra has done a lot of research for this trip and the Travellers Cave was no exception to her great picks. Matter of fact it rates as one of my favourites. As mentioned before we don’t make a bunch of reservations because plans change. So while we were in Side I emailed them and Bekir got back to me right away that they had one room left. Great, good luck remains with us.

When you get into Goreme you’ll discover that the fairy chimneys dictated the streets so we stopped at Voyager Balloons and they called Bekir and 5 mins later staff was there with a van to show us up to the hotel. 

Now the Travellers Cave is the highest located hotel in Goreme and wonderfully situated. We were shown to our room, which is carved out of the rock. It was very nicely done and made you get in to the mood of Goreme. Next a briefing on what there was to do, hikes, tours, balloon rides etc. We selected the hike right away and were taken by bus with others from the other Travellers hotels, they have 2-4 more in town and led on a 2 ½ hr hike through Rose valley. As I said before excellent value and they even picked up some tourists caught on a long walk back to town from another hotel and dropped them off.
When we came back we sat out in their leather cushioned gazebo until well past 10:00 pm. With wine and beer in hand marvelling at the fantastic view of the town and chimneys all lit up below and enjoying some cooler evening breezes to what we have experienced for the past 3 weeks.

The next morning before breakfast we could hear the balloons firing up and we popped out of our room to see 35 hot air balloons floating above Goreme.
35 Hot Air Balloons Count them actually 2 are behind the camera
 Sandra took up watch from our favourite seats, ones we’d lay claim to later the next evening again. The balloons were quite a sight, and if we had thought more seriously about it we should have taken one ourselves but the next opportunity was at 4:30am and with a champagne breakfast after and we had to head for Istanbul. 

At breakfast we were pleasantly surprised to see a buffet style layout, with the best tomatoes, honey, yogurt, actually everything was the best it could be, including French toast! And Bekir showed me a special jam that is made from red wine grapes. Wow was it good.

We did the drive to Ugurp, a grape growing area and where some of the mushroom chimneys are, and then thru Zelve before returning to town. Then a another great meal at “Bufet” a small cafĂ© on the road up to our hotel. It serves great Turkish foods at very reasonable prices. No alcohol allowed.

Carved from the Rock
Sandra in Room

The last surprise was this morning while paying our bill. I won’t tell you what it was because we‘ll give them the chance to alter the ‘gift‘ as they see fit, but it just showed us that Bekir is one savvy host for people, and he wants them to come back.

These people deserve a 10/10 in our books.

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Nicki said...

It was great talking to you that evening at the hotel. Best wishes for the rest of your journeys! I remembered your blog name so I could follow your adventures. :) You have met many people so far, we were the two Americans staying in Goreme.