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Monday, July 18, 2011

Xantos and Kas

We left Olu Deniz before it got too hot, yeah like we left when it was 28C and it likely got to 40C.
Oldest Lycian Tomb at Xantos

On our way to Kas we made a few stops one of them being the ancient World Heritage Site of Xantos now Kinik, only 1 km off the road. The route we are on right now closely parallels the Lycian way. You see the Lycians were an ancient culture that inhabited the area between Olu Deniz and Antalya near the coast dating back to 2500 BC. They were admired by the Greeks because they had established a democracy of 16 City states and didn’t go to war. Apparently they can be compared to the modern day Swiss culture. It wasn’t until the 2nd century BC that they adopted the Greek language. Before that it was an Indo-European language. The Lycian way was a trail they would use, kind of like the Appian way in Italy, which is still in evidence today. There is quite a trekking following for this route which covers some beautiful terrain.

At Xantos there are another set of ruins and we pulled in there to get an idea of the site and the oldest tomb sits up on a pedestal right off the theatre. We continued on to Kalkan where we spent some time scouting the place out. Our friends Mike and Ruby have bought a home there that can be used as a vacation rental. Kalkan is a very nice little town.

Hideaway Hotel rooftop view of Kas
On we went to Kas 
Kas Marina and beach
where we had booked our hotel, which had a pool, a roof top terrace for breakfast and dinner and lounging, and they loan out snorkelling gear. We ate out on the rooftop terrace last night. It was very pretty and a very nice hotel.
Breakfast on Terrace overlooking Greek Island of Metios

With a little lesson in the pool I got Sandra to try snorkelling with me and we headed to the local beach today and did some. Again so hot (40-42C) we laid in the water while sunning, and I spent a lot of time snorkelling. Man I wish I had my gear with me as the face mask would create a real pain after 10-15 mins. We did get a little red too.
Sandra snorkelling

Traditionally clad Muslim Women Swimming

Cute little kid and Hani Meli owners with Sandra
It was very interesting to see traditional Muslim women swimming fully clothed, not many but there were a few, and then a more normal Turkish Muslim family that was very close to us on the beach. We really enjoyed the interaction with their kids. The little girl pictured,  had quite the Abbey type personality. Tonight we’ll go out to a cafĂ© we found that has a very nice older Muslim couple running it.

Yesterday I had the stuffed vine leaves for a snack at HanimeliTurkish Kitchen and they were great and together they explained how to make them. We have got to try it when we get home.

We then came back for supper the second night and had Turkish ravioli stuffed with lamb and covered in a garlic yogurt sauce. It was wonderful.Hani Meli Turkish Kitchen

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