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Saturday, July 9, 2011


Trajan Palace

The Pergamum site is split in 3 pieces, the Museum that will house valuable and delicate artifacts, the Asklepion this one is known as the worlds largest or first spa or hospital, named after the mythology god of Health “Askleplios” and the Acropolis which is another large site similar in size to the one in Athens. The Trajan temple is smaller, but there is a Zeuss altar, theatre which is huge and all the other good stuff. The site is positioned very similar to Apollo’s temple in Delphi, high up a mountain with an incredible view. With the bike we climbed a road so steep I had to lean forward to keep the front wheel from coming up.

The Asklepion 

Asklepion Foundation 
A fix for the Sacred Water fountain. Turned out
the sacred waters were radioactive and
that is why they made you feel different.
Honey, you have a certain glow about you now!

This site is the world’s best preserved and it dates back to the 4th century BC with later additions in the 1st and 2nd centuries AD.. You can really see how it was laid out and how intact some of it is to this day. Seems this ‘god’ Asklepion had a doctor Galenos, who had a daughter who assisted him as a nurse. Her name was Hygeia, hence how the word “Hygiene” has entered our vocabulary. 

Covered Walkways were elaborate
Asklepion Connection explanation

After we visited the Acropolis site and it was good but if you’ve seen the Acropolis in Athens you could give this one a pass. It does have some excellent reliefs in place on the facia of the Acropolis itself and the theatre was very interesting but otherwise it is more of the same. We are trying to fine-tune our visits to make sure we see best of or unique, not every one.
View back to Acropolis from Asklepion
Entrance to a Healing Centre
Inside a Healing Centre
Architectural Sketch of Asklepion
Asklepion Theatre 3500 seats
Acropolis Theatre 25000 people
Architectural Detail on Trajan Palace Arch
Larry the Lizard

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