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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina Food

Mixed Grill Meal in Mostar at Hindan Han

OK, let’s talk something more uplifting like food.
One of the things we love about travel is the opportunity to try the cultural ethic foods of the regions. Here in Croatia (Hrk) and Bosnia i Herzegovina (BiH), they have many Slavic cultural dishes.
In Rovinj, Sandra was the first to try Cevapi,
which is sausage like shaped small meats of a mixture generally of beef and lamb mixed, (shaped by hand) and grilled. It was very good, and while I had an excellent Italian pasta dish, Sandra always shares so I learned to like this as well and have had it since.
In Mostar  we tried  two dishes on subsequent evenings, the first a mix of meats from Bosnia (this was what was left on the shared plate after we both helped ourselves) and secondly a mixed Bosnian dish called Mostar Servrhan, which was cabbage rolls with a minced meat filling (called Japrak), stuffed peppers, cevapi and potatoes. It was absolutely excellent and very reasonably priced.

Bosnian (pervakas) bakeries sell a great snack food called Burek which can be a pastry filled with lamb meat, spinach, or a goat’s cheese which is slightly sour, almost like cottage cheese. It can be had for breakfast, lunch or a snack and if very reasonable priced.

And today in Sarajevo, afraid that I was going to miss my “grilled meat” meal,
Spit roasted lamb with sauerkraut and burek and bread
as we drove back from the Tunnel museum I spotted a grill, a ½ block walk from our Pension, so we just headed over there and had a dish very similar to this, it included sauerkraut with spicy peppers ( amazing), burek, grilled lamb, and bread with huge beers, the only way to eat this dish. 

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