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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Venice to Rovinj ( think of Raveen for pronunciation)

Venice to Rovinj ( think of Raveen for pronunciation)

Can you say foggy? Our 3 nights in Venice were great having been able to visit with Betty and Mauro and little Dario, and Massimo and Elisa. We again got to see the real Venice away from the crowds of St Mark’s square to where Venetians relax and enjoy themselves. A “Scarpe Rotte” visit was in order, here there is a clash between government and the people of Italy over selling off treasures. We visited the Fortress Marghera,
Real Life in Venice
a famous fortress built to defend against attacks from land on Venice. We enjoyed a great grilled lunch with wine, lasagna, roast beef, pork and chicken and met more of their extended families. Another day living like real Venetians do! The next day we headed into to Venice to visit the Frari church, visit St Mark’s Sq. ( I think that’s enough) then back to Masimo’s and Elisa’s for an unforgettable lunch of  Baccala, Brushetta, Pasta with shrimp, zucchini and arugula, and then a main course  of raw Tuna with arugula and lemon. This was topped with in season strawberries done to perfection.  
Lunch at Scarpe Rotte
From Left, Betty and Dario, Mauro, Massimo, Sandra and Elisa

We then headed back to Mauro’s where some maintenance I wasn’t able to do at Heiko’s was performed here. It was great because there were a few unexpected turns in the repair that we were able to use Mauro’s tools for. We bid farewell only too soon, hard to believe we came a day early and staying 3 days feels like still a rush. 
We headed out in the fog on Friday morning and made it to Trieste by lunchtime on the backroads. Next we crossed through a small part of Slovenia and entered Croatia at Buzet. The border crossing personnel (yeah they love me, don’t you know it) complimented me declaring me "The first Canadian who had all the right documentation at the border. " Nope no ceremony, I was crushed. They even asked for my international driving permit, the first time I've been asked since getting one.

We got a chance to relax and have a nice dinner on the Quay in Rovinj.
Great view and company for eating
Today we walked back into the centre of Rovinj and toured the Cathedral there, marked with a 12 century bell tower that is a match to the one in St Mark’s square in Venice.
A little bit about Croatia and the Istria Peninsula. It sounds like Iberian which would be the peninsula Spain and Portugal are on, but it isn’t. It was once part of the Hapsburg Empire, is just east of Venice on any Europe map, and was part of Italy from 1918 – 1947 when Mussolini’s war reparations were to lose it back to what became Yugoslavia. It is a hilly and wooded region with beautiful bays and coves and was once inhabited by the Venetians as an extension of their empire. It will become part of the EU July 1, this year after being involved in a bloody war in the mid- 1990’s. Our trip in 2006 documented a lot of this.
Rovinj is very beautiful and we were lucky enough to be here for a typical Saturday Sail race day. Some very nice action was to be had including a maxi sailor that was close to the old 12 Meter yacht standard. With Mylar sails aplenty, there is a lot of money poured into these sailboats.
Start of Race
Next we day tripped to Porec, just 40 kms away home to a 5th century Basilica of St Euphrasis, a World Heritage Site. As we travelled there along the coast what was evident is this is a camping paradise with coastline camping, including ‘Naturist resorts”, google FKK, to learn more. Yes there might be more googling to follow. Actually that might be Ogling.
Sailboats in race

Scarcophogus of St E.
The Basilica here has some very amazing intact artifacts as pictured here. Next we head to Pula at the southern base of the peninsula and onto southern Croatia next. 

4th century tile work still evident

WHS Info on site


Sandy Moran said...

Beautiful pictures and your journey sounds wonderful. We followed you throughout Baja and now Europe. So jealous you were in Venice and Croatia ,2 of our favorite spots. We've been to Venice but Croatia is on our soon to do list. Have a safe journey.

The Smith's V Strom Adventures said...

Thanks Sandy, that's quite a compliment coming from an accomplished blogger and photographer such as yourself. Folks if you haven't visited Sandy's blog, it's here.