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Monday, May 20, 2013


Porto Katsiki
So we have been in our great hotel for 2 days now and found a great place to eat Elena’s. Actually it’s Statros, his name but she does the cooking, and she runs the apartments they have next to the taverna.
Gorgeous Scenery

And she promised if we came back another night she’d prepare her stuffed paprika’s ( peppers) so we extended our stay. Her Chicken Souvlaki, and pizza with salad was excellent so there was no risk. That gave us the plan to head to Lefkada island for the day. Massimo had recommended seeing it and it’s easy to get to. The concierge at the hotel provided lots of good local knowledge about the island and generally placed where things were and we set out to explore. Sure lucky having the Strom as some of the steep back windy sections of old rock are not very navigatable without a dual purpose bike.
Out to the Point

We made our way down checking out a number of places, but the one that awestruck us was Porto Kitsiki, a cliff beach hidden on the far south peninsula of the island. We took our bathing suits, changed and enjoyed the whole afternoon on the beach, eventually making ur way back through Vasiliki, and Nidri before heading back.
Blue Cave

Lefkis canal
Lefkis, the village you enter when arriving on Lefkada island was a Venetian port in the middle ages. So the architecture you will see is that of Venice. The old areas are silting in with sand and it provides quite the contrast. 

Old Venetian Castle

New Islands beget summer cabins

As luck would have it Elena and Stratos had company and by the night was over we had way too much Ouzo.
A Toast

Stratos and Elena

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